Highland Adventist® School

Christ Centered... Student Focused.

Grades 9-12

John Locke is the homeroom teacher for grades 9-12.  He is very structured with  classes, organized, and pushes students to do their best. He wants to make sure they are well prepared for life after high school. We have a standards based curriculum. The goal of our high school program is to train students in Christian leadership and academic excellence.  Classes that are available for high school are listed below. 

Math: business math, algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, and pre-calculus. 

Science: earth science, biology, physics, anatomy and physiology. 

Language Arts: language arts 9, language arts 10, language arts 11, and language arts 12.

Social Studies:  world history, American history, American government, and world geography. 

Bible: Bible 9, Bible 10, Bible 11, and Bible 12

Art: art class, and string orchestra

Physical Education


Video Production 

Life and Study Skills 

Job Shadowing 

Web Design 


Highland Running Club