Highland Adventist® School

Christ Centered... Student Focused.

What We Believe

Highland Adventist School is a ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and embraces the following beliefs.  For further information and Scripture references for our statement of belief, visit adventist.org.  

We believe that God loves and is love!

  • God is all knowing, all forgiving, patient, infinite, ever present, and all powerful.
  • God speaks to us through His holy Scriptures.
  • God is three in one and wants to spend eternity with us deepening our relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • God the Father reached out to us through His Son, Jesus Christ, who came to this earth to show us how to live and to show us God’s love by dying on the cross so that we can live forever.

We believe that God creates!

  • God recently created the earth in six literal days that, along with the Sabbath, constitute the same unit of time that we call a week today.
  • God created man in His image, perfect and without sin.
  • The Spirit works to restore the image of God in us that was broken as a result of our sin.

We believe that God redeems!

  • Satan accused God and rebelled.  God created us with free choice and extends the incredible power of His love to save us.
  • God sent Jesus, His Son, to live the perfect life we could not and die the death our sins deserve.  When we accept Jesus' sacrifice, we claim eternal life.
  • The Holy Spirit reveals our need for Jesus, and when we accept God's grace and salvation, recreates us.  The Spirit builds our faith and helps us leave our broken lives behind.
  • Salvation transforms how we see our world.  We no longer fear our pasts or future, but embrace a present full of hope, love, passion, and praise as the Spirit lives in us.

We believe that God Inhabits!

  • The church is God's family on Earth,  and looking to Jesus as leader and Redeemer, is called to take the gospel to the world.
  • At the end of time,, God calls His people back to core truths.  Declaring Jesus' soon return, the church highlights God as Creator, the heavenly judgment, and danger of spiritual compromise.
  • Comprised of many diverse parts the church works in unity through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Baptism symbolizes and declares our new faith in Christ.
  • In the last days, as in biblical times, the Holy Spirit has blessed God's people with the gift of prophecy.

We believe that God transforms!

  • The Ten Commandments show us God's will and love for us.
  • The Sabbath is God's gift to us, a reminder of God's creation and grace that gives us time for rest and restoration.
  • God entrusts with responsibility for caring for our world, ourselves, our fellow humans, and our material resources.
  • God calls us to live in light of His grace, glorifying God in our bodies, minds, and spirits, aligning our thoughts, feelings, and actions in harmony with Biblical principles.
  • Created in God's image, male and female, we are designed to live in relationships.  Marriage between a male and female is God's ideal for man to live in harmony and for children to grow up in security and love.

We believe God that God triumphs!

  • God investigates before taking action.
  • We look forward to Jesus' promised return, when He will resurrect His saved children and take them to heaven.  Though we cannot know exactly when He wil come back, we can live in joyful anticipation.
  • Death is an unconscious state for all people.
  • At the end of time, sin is destroyed and God will recreate our world.  We will live eternally with God where we will finally achieve our full potential, living in the love and joy for which God created us.