Highland Adventist® School

Christ Centered... Student Focused.

Grades 5-8

Stacy Blanzy is the homeroom teacher for grades 5-8. Ms. Blanzy  is an excellent teacher promoting imagination, creativity, and inquiry while inspiring young learners to be confident in their God-given abilities. Students participate in hands-on learning as well as book learning/research. Ms. Blanzy takes the time to get to know each student in her classroom. She, as well as our other staff, want to help each student to meet their full potential. The classes available in middle school are listed below. 

Social Studies: American history, world history, ancient history. 

Science: biology, chemistry, earth science, human body(anatomy).

Math: math 54, math 65, math 76, math 87, algebra1/2 (pre-algebra) 



Language Arts


Physical Education 


String Orchestra

Highland Running Club