Pumpkin Drop
We will be dropping pumpkins and taking names in our annual Pumpkin Drop on October 30, 2014. You can win prizes for getting your pumpkin closest to the target without breaking it. Below are the rules for the pumpkin drop.
The goal of this pumpkin drop is to design an enclosure or apparatus to protect a pumpkin from damage
when dropped from a 40-50 foot height. The surviving pumpkins that land closest to a target on the
ground and pumpkin enclosures having the best design will be among the winning entries.
• Pumpkins must be at least 10 inches in diameter or larger.
• Pumpkin and protective structure weight is limited to 60 pounds.
• The pumpkin container can have dimensions no greater than 20x30x60 inches.
• Pumpkins must free fall (no bungee cords).
• No styrofoam peanuts or other small, non-biodegradable packaging fillers are allowed.
• Package must be designed so that the pumpkin can be removed by the ground crew within 30
seconds after hitting the ground.
• No electrical devices allowed.
• Protective structure around the pumpkin must be designed with public safety in mind. Pumpkin
enclosures that might splatter fragments or liquids toward the viewing audience will not be
• Protective structure must be designed to not cause damage to the ground when pumpkin lands.
• Any entries that use parachutes must be designed so that the parachute is dropped at the same
time as the pumpkin or prior to the pumpkin, not after.
• Please keep the safety of participants & observers in mind at all times.
• The judges will have the final say on whether or not entries are viewed as safe to be dropped.
Judges will disqualify entries with heavy, sharp, and/or protruding metal parts. These decisions
by the judges will be final.
• Team members must stay on the ground with the other observers. There will be a team assigned
to do all the drops. Student teams will all watch the drop from the ground.
• Judges will assess the pumpkin status after the drop. Breaks or cracks indicate that the drop
was unsuccessful. If on opening the pumpkin package, the judges find that the pumpkin does
not meet the size requirements the pumpkin will be disqualified.
• Observers must stay back from the drop area.
• Each team is responsible for cleaning up the debris from its pumpkin drop and for carting all of
its leftovers back to the truck for transport back to the school. Each team is also responsible for
disposing of its pumpkin debris back at the school.
• Decisions of the judges are final.
• Prize money will be given as cash and are given one per winning team (not per person). Each
team is responsible for breaking the cash and distributing it evenly among the team members.