Holocaust Poems by 5-8 students
September 27, 2012

A striped shirt is like a prison
It is cold if you take it off
It protects you from the cold and bugs
It is like a shelter
It is like a blanket on a cold night
--By Joseph Harris

The Prison Train
The prison train was dark as the night
Dirty like a dump
Smelled of a sweaty gym
Sounded of sobs like at a funeral
--By Linsee Mullennex

The Gas Chamber
The gas chamber is scary as a ghoul
It smells as bad as a skunk with rotten cheese
The dying people are as sad as a weeping pup
The germs are filthy as nuclear cooties
The Nazis are as heartless as a black rock
The gas chamber is as haunted  as a mansion with mean ghouls, goblins, witches, and ghosts.
This is a very, very bad place.
--By Alexa Corley

The Train
It's dirty like a pig that played in the mud.
It smelled bad like a rotten banana.
It was small like a box.
It was dark like a bathroom with no lights.
It was rusted and dusty.
--By Amy Engelkemier

Prison Train
When I see the prison train
It looks like a dark tin.
Musty, dirty, wet like an old book.
It would never move, stuck on the tracks like a Popsicle stick stuck on glue.
By—Kaycee King

The train so dark.
The train so misty.
The more Nazis in it the more risky it is.
The dark shadows in the moonlit sky. . .
Why so terrified on this new moon night?
--By Oliver Cao

The Jewish Star
It's yellow is like the sun.
It symbolizes the Jews and executions.
The Jude symbol is like an old book.
It lights up the whole night.
It's as bright as a light.
--By Katelyn Zirkle

The prison train is smelly like socks that never were washed.
It's dark and scary like a haunted house.
It's small and frightening like my great-great grandma.
It was dusty and black and there was mold on the walls.
The lights burnt out like a bird has flown through there.
--By Mackenzie Holland

The doll looked worn out like an old shoe.
If you look at it, it is scary l ike an old dead body.
It felt very worn out like an old person's skin.
IT is dirty and bloody like road kill.
It smelled like a dying skunk.
--By Madison Holland

Striped Shirt
A striped shirt is like a prison
But without it you are cold.
A shirt is like a blanket on a cold day.
A shirt can save you from purple nurples, scratches, and bruises.
But where is your pride in a striped shirt?
--By Lincoln Boggs

The Prison Train
It ws rusty like an old pipe
It smelled like sweat of a tired man.
It was small as a small car.
It was dark as the night.
It was black like the night without stars.
--By Kate Mullenax

The train filled with Jews
Dirty and cold
Black as night
No clean air to breathe
Sick and hurt Jews
--By Dakota Boggs

It's dark, it's damp, it's like a rainy night
The food is not a pretty sight.
It looks like a compost heap.
From the showers gas seeps.
The camp smells like rotten food.
This place has changed my mood from happy to scared kid.
This life has shut the lid.
I hear screams and shouts
Like someone saw a mouse.
I wish I had seen my spouse.
He looked like a shaggy bear.
My turn for the shower.
I'm not gonna cower
And my mood is not sour.
Good-bye :-(
--By Payton Wessel