Highland Adventist School Visits SWAU
A team of students from Highland Adventist School was invited to participate in the Southwestern Adventist University annual Brain Games in Keene, Texas recently. The theme of the math and technology competition was warfare through the ages.  Joel Grey, H.A.S. senior, Alex Engelkemier, sophomore, and Hannah Frasure, sophomore were selected by the faculty to represent the school.  They chose the name Le Chevalier as their team name and created a team flag to carry into "battle."

In Texas, the students competed with teams from around the country to complete various technology challenges related to warfare techniques through the ages.  They constructed and operated a trebuchet (from medieval times), fired a potato gun (representing WWII cannons), launched rockets (representing modern weaponry), and tried out an ancient, Biblical sling.  The goal of the various technology challenges was to use mathematics to determine trajectory and distance of the various weapons.  During the competition, the teams used their math data to help them position and shoot their weapons to hopefully land nearest the target.  The H.A.S. team came in first in the rocket launching contest.  The contest also included a game-show-format math trivia contest.

"The students are already making plans to return to Texas next year," said Cheryl Jacko, sponsor. "They really had a great time and I was very proud of them!"
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