2011-2012 Honor Roll

Highland Adventist School has announced its 2011-2012 honor roll.  The students received certificates recognizing their accomplishment.  "A" honor roll recipients are:  Lincoln Boggs, Stormy Brown, Oliver Cao, Alexa Corley, Alex Engelkemier, Amy Engelkemier, Annie Fleming, Hannah Frasure, Joel Grey, Georgianna Henderson, Madison Holland, Mackenzie Holland, Linsee Mullennex, Kate Mullenax, Lauren Spears, Madison Teter, Trevor Thompson, Payton Wessel

"B" honor roll recipients are:  Brandon Bennett, Megan Bennett, Stefan Bramblett, Yang Chenziqi, Rebekah Harris, Chase Reckart, Angela Volpe, Katelyn Zirkle 

The staff of Highland Adventist School commends these outstanding students for their commitment to excellence.

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